Why is our pets oral care so important?

Two words…

Periodontal disease.

Did you know that periodontal disease is by far the most common medical condition in small animal veterinary patients? Periodontal disease is an infection in the mouth that, when left untreated, has been linked to heart, lung, liver and kidney disease.

The healthy and wellness of our pets is at the heart of all we do. Their oral care is nothing to ignore. Naturel Promise Fresh Dental offers the complete pet oral care experience with fast, simple solutions that help prevent periodontal disease.

Just One Capful

Adding just one capful of our Fresh Dental Water Additive into your dog’s water bowl helps promote healthy gums and eliminates bad breath. Simply reapply every time you refill their water bowl for best results.

Fast and easy, no brushing required!

Just One Drop

Once a day, simply apply one drop to each side of your dog’s mouth. Once applied, the Fresh Dental Clean Teeth Gel begins removing plaque and tartar.

Fast and easy, no brushing required!

Just One Spray

One spray of our Fresh Dental Spray provides instant fresh breath by killing germs that cause bad dog breath and gingivitis.

Fast and easy, no brushing required!

Complete Dental Care Solution

Our Fresh Dental Total Care Kit includes an EZFinger Brush, TriFlexor and Toothbrush and the Fresh Dental Brushing Gel.

This total care kit keeps your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh!

We’ve recognized that our pets are worthy of the same, if not better-quality products found in our own dental care needs.

With this understanding, we strive to bring awareness to the importance of pet dental care by offering complete dental care solutions.

Learn more about the other solutions Naturel Promise Fresh Dental offers and how they can improve your pet’s overall dental care here.